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Who are Boniwell Graphics?
They are me, Fiona Boniwell and I am a graphic artist based in Kinsale, Ireland.
My background is in Fine Art but my work has always had a strong graphic quality. This coupled with a love of film, graphic design, dubious graffiti, comics and pop culture made the transition to graphic art a natural progression.
What does a graphic artist actually do?
drink coffee and ponder just that...
ok, there is more to it than that...read on!
As someone interested in graphic design, illustration and commercial art, I feel that the umbrella term 'graphic art' covers all that and more. I am passionate about drawing and lettering, design and typography. I love the feel of working by hand as much as working digitally. Ultimately, I believe in curiosity, being open and flexibility. I endeavour to apply those principles to all the work I do; be that for clients, collaborations or personal projects.
I currently divide my studio time between illustration, commercial client work requiring an illustrative edge, one-off pieces and illustration for sequential art projects such as storyboards and comics.
Who needs Illustration?
I think that everybody could do with some nice illustration in their lives and my aim is to give it to them. 
I provide illustration for print such as books, graphic novels and comics. I have also produced illustration for TV and screen — some of which has been filmed using rostrum style techniques — and for naive, simple animation projects for advertising. This is something I really enjoy.  
When working on illustration projects, I always make it a priority to research thoroughly and work closely with you to produce work which best reflects your requirements and the story you wish to tell, within the timeframe required. 
Need graphic design that's not like the boy next door's?
If you're interested in graphic design and/or lettering for your business or a special event, I can help. I specialise in working with you to bring your unique character into the design. There are heaps of great designers out there who can produce something slick and polished for you. If however, you would like all of that while injecting a bit of your personality into your projects and/or to combine hand-drawn and digital elements, then I'm the one for you. 
I'll bring my illustration skills to the party and together we'll knock heads to come up with ideas for custom graphics that will make your print or screen based collateral pop.
You want me to draw comics? Are you Mad? Good! Me too!
I came late to comics. Which is really daft because a lot of my friends have been saying for years, "Fiona, you really should have a go at drawing comics". They were right.
In 2013, I blithely agreed to illustrate the 32 page graphic novel, Death's New Lease on Life, written by Brendan O'Connell. You can read all about that project here. Let's just say, it was like the the drawing equivalent of crack and ever since I've been itching for more projects like it — big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones... 
Luckily for me, I have met other people with a similar filthy habit and we have numerous comic projects behind us and in the offing. That said, I'm always interested in proposals for future collaborations, so do get in touch...
Want something for your mum? Well aren't you lucky!
I'm always happy to take one off commissions from people who want something unique for family and friends. Portraits and landscapes can be very special. I work in pencil or digital ink to produce engaging work to your specifications in my signature style. 
I also produce hand-lettered pieces which are beautiful mementos if you're looking for an affordable bespoke gift.
Feel free to drop me a line to find out more...
You'll let me draw on your wall?! Are you serious?
When you're a kid, you're always being told not to draw on the wall. Fast forward a few decades and boom! Everyone wants you to draw on their walls!
If you want a mural or simple wall-art. I can help. I apply the same basic principles to working large-scale on walls as I do to work for screen or print. I can work by hand directly onto your wall. Alternatively, I can produce something digitally which can be printed onto wallpaper/vinyl or as the basis for stencils…or decals...
The sky is the limit. Ok, maybe not the sky, but however big your wall is, along with our combined imaginations. 
If you are up for allowing me to draw and write on your wall, or maybe stick things to it, I would love to hear from you
Sometimes you have to down tools and do something else…
For me that something else is Kuk Sool Won, a Korean martial art system. The principles of Kuk Sool Won have had a major effect on me as an artist and how I work with and for people. 
The most pertinent in terms of how it relates to my work is in the way it demands that you work to be good at every aspect of the art. You may naturally excel in one area and feel that you'll never grasp other aspects. Nonetheless, you train everything, aiming for a good level across the board…and eventually, you do get there. 
That principle has had a profound effect on my creative practice. Focus is good but who said you had to focus on just one thing? Being open and flexible leads to great creativity and possiblity. 
So, for the foreseeable I'll keep working in different media and environments. 

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