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Blue Haven Hotel | Kinsale | Mural

The Blue Haven Hotel required a mural which reflected the building's age and its previous uses, whilst also fitting in with the current use and colour scheme.

The brief stated that the mural should include elements of Kinsale history so Fiona used an 18th century painting of Charles Fort as reference for this historic landmark and photos of the Kinsale clipper along with a vintage sewing pattern packaging as inspiration for the lady in the traditional Kinsale cloak. 

The Blue Haven also wished to reference independent local producers and seafood – this mural being situated in the on-street entrance to the bar – so logos and motifs from relevant local brands feature in the piece.

The piece has been designed digitally using ProcreateApp on the iPadPro; the advantage of working digitally in the draught stage being that revisions and changes are easier than would be the case with traditional media. It also offers the possibility of easily repurposing the design for other uses in future if desired. 

Once the design was approved, Fiona hand-drew the piece directly onto the walls and painted it using acrylics and acrylic pens. 

On a recent trip to Barcelona, Fiona was really taken by the sgraffito in evidence on older buildings. Sgraffito along with the Jamesons 'Bold' packaging design informed the style and aesthetic of the mural.

A great example of collaboration between client and artist, the resulting mural was a pleasure to produce, particularly as it offered an opportunity to combine the client's needs with engaging in local history.

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